Kylie Minogue announces release of new single ‘Magic’

Kylie Minogue announces release of new single ‘Magic’
September 22nd, 2020

Minogue took to social media yesterday (September 21) to reveal the new track would be called ‘Magic’ and will arrive on Thursday (September 24).

She also shared what appears to be the single artwork; a retro, technicolour-filtered shot of herself.

‘Magic’ follows ‘Say Something’ as ‘Disco’s second single; the album is due out November 6. Last week, Minogue performed ‘Say Something’ live for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The pop icon, who released her last record ‘Golden’ in 2018, revealed back in May that her upcoming 15th record would contain “grown-up disco”.

In an interview last month, Minogue elaborated on the record’s theme.

“The theme of disco is that you’re all hot and sweaty and in it together, but could be in a crowded room and shut your eyes, let the music and feeling in, and you could be in your own world. Or, there could be no one around and you feel like you’re having your own party,” she said.

“I imagine it as a tour, but done in the round. You normally want people to watch the show, but I think, in this case, part of it would encourage you to shut your eyes and feel the energy.”