Back at number 1 after 40 years

Back at number 1 after 40 years
October 8th, 2020

An iconic song by Fleetwood Mac is soaring up the Australian charts thanks to a TikTok video showing a man 'vibin' on a skateboard. 

The viral video, uploaded by user @420doggface208 on September 26, shows Nathan Apodaca riding along an empty highway while drinking juice and mouthing the lyrics to Dreams.

The clip has garnered more than 16.2million views on the social media platform, and reshuffled Spotify charts worldwide. 

The 1977 hit is now ranked 46th in Australia - jumping from number 54 the day the 'Vibe King's' video was uploaded and 93rd on September 25.

In the week prior to the video's release, Dreams averaged the position of 100 on Australia's Spotify chart.

The soar is similar to the United States, with the song jumping from 145 on September 25 to 24 on September 28. 

It even moved from 50 to 32 in New Zealand on the respective dates.

Nathan has since been crowned 'Uncle TikTok', 'Jesus' and 'Vibe King', and said he could not believe the reaction he has had.

'After I did that video, as you guys know the sh*t went viral – holy sheep sh*t,' he said in a follow up video.

'I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart from DoggFace, me and my family, to all you guys.

'No words that come to mind ... just overnight sh*t's been crazy,' he continued.

'Thank you all for the donations, thank you all for the comments, thank you all for the gifts. I just appreciate everybody.'  

Nathan's video has attracted the likes of high-profile YouTubers Alonzo Lerone, LLusion, Cole Walliser and Celina Spooky Boo.

It was also re-shared by Fleetwood Mac on Twitter.

'We love this!' the page's caption read when re-sharing his video.